Peculiar: America

Watching IRMA live, glued to TV whole day. Since it is hitting the USA, we are able to see nature’s fury live. Since it is the USA, the damage will be minimum though some lives are already lost.We have seen what this hurricane did to Cuba, Barbuda, St. Martin and in Porto Rico. The images and the live videos are reminding me the movie 2012. It’s Americans who guided us to spend money because the eternal end is nearing. It’s Americans who made 2012 and it’s America who walked out of Paris agreement denying any climate change. It’s Americans who wanted to spend money for business growth. “America first” has amazed many about Trump, The President. Now, it’s America, hit by Harvey, Irma, Jose and may be Katia. What can be more PECULIAR than this!!! Still, I am trying to understand cyclone and its various forms and its causes. Don’t know what tomorrow will bring for us. And just imagine what we Indians could have done in similar situation. So, salute #Nature.









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