For last two days, I am in no mood to write anything as I am glued TV and laptop screen to know more about Hurricanes, its origin, why it happens and how IRMA devastated many islands like Barbuda, Porto Rico, Saint Martin and of late Cuba. It’s heading towards Florida and how Floridians are preparing themselves to overcome the fury of IRMA and the aftermath caused by it. I have few relatives and friends in Atlanta, and the State is also declared an emergency. Eternally worried for my friends and relatives. I have advised them to “Stay Safe” which has a deeper meaning. How you keep yourself safe?

 Some Indians in St. Martin are crying for help. After the hurricane, the locals started looting the stores and homes. Everywhere there is the sign of devastation and there is no water to drink, no electricity, life is miserable in every possible way. Now, this act of people is perturbing enough to call out for help. Instead of helping each other to overcome the petrified state, the people are adding to create more distress.


Few images which depict nature’s fury-IRMA, the devastations.

Hence, the after effects may be terrible. There may be a scarcity of drinking water, electricity, and inconvenience for sanitation leading to spread of diseases and the twists and turns of people’s mind!! Facing nature’s fury and overcoming the consequent quandaries is the real challenge for human kind. We very small creatures in front of nature. So, assault on nature must be stopped immediately. The real reason for so many hurricanes is ultimately climate change. Accept the fact and try to overcome the problems caused by climate change.

Work hard to protect the mother of all mothers-NATURE.


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