Expect Nothing

“Anticipation is the heart of wisdom. If you are going to cross a desert you anticipate that you will be thirsty and you carry water”…..Mark Helprin.

The wise men avoid evil by anticipating it.

But do these lines are true always? May be not.

Every life has many stories to tell. Every life tries to anticipate from a pretty young age. If everything goes according to plan for everyone then why the miseries are all around? Why the sufferings, why the disappointments and why people change?

I have this query on human behaviour for a pretty long time. I just wonder when all my anticipations on anyone goes wrong; either positive or negative way. I have seen people changing with time and by analysing for more than a decade I have also moved away from that usual me!! But why anticipations go wrong?

The subject is difficult to understand. It may be the people were not real, may be they were wearing a mask which fell down or maybe they moved away for any genuine reason.

When we are hurt inside very badly, when anything traumatic unanticipated incident occur in our life, when the dearest relationship breaks down or when the health does not permit anymore, then people start moving away. When you near and dear ones show their ugly faces you get hurt and decide to change yourself. This is how the present world is suffering and becoming reclusive. Too much-stressed life, struggle to survive through a moderate lifestyle, the zeal to achieve crossing all odds are making people self-centric. The show offs, the glitters of rich belongings are attracting people more and more as if the world is moving towards a glittering hole. Anticipation about anything may go wrong anytime, no wonder! So the buzz in the air is “change is the only constant”, “embrace change”. Hence may we also say -“Do not anticipate anything” or may we say “Anticipate everything and expect nothing”?

I don’t like to sound negative but the truth is -JUST LIVE.








2 responses to “Expect Nothing”

  1. wishfulpennywell Avatar

    Great post on on anticipation – we only have so much control, if any, over what is external to ourselves

    The only thing that will stay the same is that things will always change…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you so much. I was worried that my thoughts are negative but that’s truth. Change is only constant. 🙂


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