Today’s prompt is close to my heart, part of my life. Yes, I educate people every day! I am blessed to have this opportunity! I educate the literate people who try to enlighten themselves more. I come across many experiences regarding the nature, habit and outlook of people. Not everyone wants to be a properly educated person, not everyone wants to reach to the moon. Education and educated people have so many faces. I wonder every day about the lethargic education system run by the lethargic, unimaginative authoritative people. The frustration grows by at least a cm longer, daily and I get an untiring zeal to educate more people. Sometimes the urge becomes so stronger that I want to take up the baton in my own hand and want to run a race alone.

Educate, education, learning, knowledge, wisdom – these words are not for everyone. It needs a real passion to get a proper education, to get a good educator to learn about life’s most amazing things. Whether it is Science, literature, commerce or politics, one needs to have the passion to gain knowledge. Acquiring knowledge in sufficient amount is the key to disseminate knowledge. The exchange of knowledge with others will transform to wisdom and then only the life’s purpose will be achieved. How much an educator can educate a person? It is not possible to acquire knowledge from others in every field. Hence, a person must educate self to know the world and its happenings. Self-education is very crucial for overall personality development of a person. Learn from observing others, listening to others and by reading books. Educate yourself properly for every aspect of life and then educate others and the society.

Educating the society is a noble work and the most vulnerable areas which need educators are:

  • Education for a girl child
  • Rights of women and women empowerment
  • Equal status for men and women
  • Science and its applications
  • Healthcare and avoidance of most commonly occurring diseases
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Commerce, trade, value for money
  • Political awareness
  • Street rules and safety
  • Food habits
  • moral values and ethics
  • Environmental protection
  • Importance of education to promote lifestyle

There may be many more aspects. I have just expressed my worries. And I can write never ending script on “educate”, but would like to stop here.

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2 responses to “Educate”

  1. curioushart Avatar

    Very well put. Exceptional content. Thank you for your inspiring words.


  2. Swastika Das Avatar

    Thanks for reading 🙂


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