Love and Connection

Love in any form is described in various movies and literature. Love is so important to grow relationships and understanding all human beings. It is said that the only emotion exists in this world is love: other emotions are there due to lack of it. If we think deeply and try to understand the meaning we will find that the anger, violence, jealousy etc exist where there is no love or lack of its expressions.

The love and connection between parents and a baby; a grown up child and aged parents are so important to avoid the orphanages for abandoned children and old age homes for abandoned parents. If in the very young age,  the child felt neglected by parents, if he lacked the companionship of his parents then slowly the child starts living an isolated life, he becomes resentful and his overall growth is hampered. It takes a toll on the development of the cognitive functions and may lead to psychological problems. The child does not understand the concept of love and human connections and forget to love himself too. The low self-esteem, lack of confidence and depression may take a toll on his health at teen age and then parents also feel that there is no point of return.

The lack of love and connectivity among the parent and child may lead to the negligence of parents by the child in their old age. the child may grow up selfish, violent and revengeful if not a depressed person. He may grow up as an extremely self-obsessed person and may send parents in old age homes or the worst case, completely abandon them.

It is not only love which is required for any relationship but also a connection between people. For example, a son, living abroad may visit his parents once in a while for sake of responsibility sense but he forgets to ask about their well being, taking them for medical check up or forgets to renovate the old house or does not ask about financial help parents need. If the son or daughter behaves in this way, then it is due to the lack of heartfelt love and connectivity between them.

Hence, it is so important to understand the concept of love and connection between human beings living in a family and in a society as a whole. We are dependent on each other. We need ourselves as well as the others in society to live happily. The lack of love and connection makes every one isolated, insecure and there is no charm left out to live life. Love can bind the whole world and lack of it will destroy it. It is as simple as that and also the most critical of a  task to create an environment of love, care and connectivity among each other.

What can be more priceless than love and connection?








2 responses to “Love and Connection”

  1. misifusa Avatar

    Agreed! There is nothing more priceless than love and connections! Great post!


    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you so much.

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