The 10 things which are continuing…….

We must examine the world around us and try to understand what continued to be the same since the beginning ——

Our search for the things which is continuing for the ages may be the followings:

  1. Natural calamities- rain, thunderstorms, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, fire, volcanoes etc.
  2. The mountains, rivers, seas, oceans, the sky, the moon, the Sun, the planets, the stars are continuing to attract us! And the gravitational force is just wonderful!
  3. God continues to guide us even though we claim ourselves to reach the Space!
  4. Emotions- Anger, depression, jealousy, greed, happiness, misery still ruling over us.
  5. Water, air, foods, clothes are still the most essential elements to survive.
  6. Continuation of agricultural practices, growing crops, fruit and flowers are essential.
  7. Manufacturing arms, ammunitions, weapons are still necessary for protecting ourselves- no peace in the atmosphere!
  8. The diseases, the pathogens, bacteria, viruses still show us red eyes!
  9. The animals, the various creatures are still existing with us, now for ages.
  10. And lastly, I must salute TIME. Time still is flowing and it will continue to flow, you can’t stop it flowing!

Thay say that only CHANGE is constant but I found some things remained unchanged.

What you think?





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