Heavenly and Rhymes

Rhythm, rhymes, fantasy, fairy tales, dreams, Alice and her wonderland, David Copperfield, Tom’s adventures and much more were part of our childhood. Rhymes in English or any other language are existing for hundreds of years. Nobody actually knows when these rhymes started to allure a child and it’s mother. Singing a rhyme to a little child not only calms him down but makes the singing mother joyful. Her works become easy and with the child, she also enjoys the fun of an imaginary world where Mary, her lamb, black sheep, Jack and Jill, Yankee doodle, hot buns, teddy bear live together and play games. Every rhyme depicts an innocent world where all live happily.

With growing up the innocence gets lost, the life’s struggles teach us so many things. Still, we, sometimes find solace when we go close to nature. My recent trip to a hill station gave me back the peace of my childhood days. The lush greens, mountains, springs, clouds and rains took me to a wonderland which is so virgin. I walked through the clouds, touched them and you will not believe hummed rhymes like “Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony, he stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni”! And so much more. I dreamt of a virgin world full of green lands and beautiful flowers, daffodils, deer, rabbits, doves, colourful birds and fishes. I did not wanted to come back and felt jealous of the people who reside there. Blessed are those who live in the lap of the green mountains with so many waterfalls around. Everyday living a rhyme or a poem is a blessing indeed.

I, sometimes, imagine that the creators of these rhymes must be a saintly person living in the age when people of this world were the purest living on the laps of big mountains and forests, seen the most terrific beauty of nature. Salute to the creators who are still entertaining us and our children and the generations to come!

 Some pictures captured by me while travelling in a hill station in October 2016.





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