Homage to mother Earth

How I spent my day today? It is a passion about which I write very often-Save the Earth”. I am always worried about the legacy we are going to leave behind for our next generation. We, the older have lived our life pretty well not realizing the scarcity of land, crop, water and fuel. We may have never tried our best to check the population explosion. The uncontrolled and unchecked population have snatched away the resources which were available naturally. It is like having the biggest bite of a large pizza swallowed, the left over of the large pizza is not sufficient to fulfil the hunger of the alive. We have realised late which is still better than never!! So, whenever I get a chance I participate to pay my homage to mother Earth with my friends and young children. I know that the young learn from their elders. They observe you and if they like your actions then they are going follow you.

Today we elders decided to start a programme where we planned to plant Ten Thousand trees in our area. A huge piece of land will be transformed into a forest!! Since our area is drought hit and suffers from huge water crisis in summer, we slowly started educating the mass about environmental protection. It is through speeches, slide presentations, through academic curricula, celebrating water and earth days etc. Now every educated person understands the gravity of the situation. We are working for a long time and now a huge step is taken forward to make our area green and to make sure that we get enough rain in the near future.

I am posting few pictures which depicts the rocky land and how we are working to convert it into a lush green land.




Nothing is more satisfactory than serving your mother.

(Images ©Revolving Around Life 2017) 





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