Way to a CIVILIZED Society

Dignity is something which can’t be borrowed from others. It’s grown within with the moral values and the etiquette you learn from your surroundings and from your childhood. A person looks dignified if he is taught with the mannerisms and inculcated with values. Be kind and nice to others, speak softly, read a lot and acquire knowledge, grow with a passion or two.  That is, all you do must show that you are a well versed in everything.

When I saw young children I fear that we may lose the dignified crowd in near future. The casual approach to everything and the accessibility of electronic gadgets are making the young too much self-obsessed. Casual outlooks are growing up because of over indulgence with cell phones, internet and TVs.

Searching dignified personalities may arise controversies but we may try to take a look at the personalities we admire individually. I admired Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister, I admire Angela Merkel as they carry themselves. I admire many actresses who are beautiful and dignified. I learnt that with dignity comes the respect. If you do not or cannot respect yourself then you should not demand respect from others. So, we must learn how to look dignified from outside and from within. I said about some tricks in the beginning.

Now, why this word ‘dignify’ is so important or the word Dignity for that matter?


Well, if you are dignified enough then you understand the value of it and how it influences the person surrounding you. A dignified person is a role model for others. aA dignified person will spread the good vibes in etiquettes, dressing sense, speaking style, handling emotions (anger specifically). If we have more dignified persons around then eventually the value of humanity will rise. The kindness, politeness will spread and ultimately peace will prevail. There will be no unruly behaviour, agitations, and ignorance, hate, anger for fellow human beings and so much more which hurt us. Ultimate dignity for the human race will be ‘No one hurts anyone’ and no tearful eyes anymore. The world will achieve the ‘CIVILIZED’ tag in the true sense.






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