Every one of us, in some point in life, hated adulthood. We love to cherish our childhood days very often. It is always said that the golden period of your life is your school life.


Indeed, childhood is so awesome. Look at the innocent smile of a child, you forget the world. The pure love which reflects from a child’s face is visceral but not intellectual. A child’s mind and heart are so uncluttered, pure that we, the adults get attracted to a child irrespective of her caste, creed, religion or physical appearance. A child can unite everyone fighting out there for what, even they do not know. Why there is so much jealousy, competence, want among the adult people? Look at the divine creation of God. How God send us to this world? With a child’s innocence, with a heart full of pure love, a mind which is absolutely uncluttered. But slowly how we turn ourselves to a selfish human being. Let the visceral love glow from each of us, let us keep our childlike innocence within us. This only can make the world beautiful.


Let’s give a thought for a visceral love oozing out from everyone which will heal the world.





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