Synchronize – 17 ways to Happiness and Inner Peace

“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself”.……Abraham Maslow.

Inner peace is the key to happiness. Living a life without stress is possible with the synchronization of desire and its attainment. Whenever you don’t get the thing you want, you feel disappointed. Even our body needs synchronization of every body parts working in harmony, every hormone secreted in time and every enzyme acts in the right time for all metabolic activities. Little derailment may cause disharmony and the person feels uncomfortable!

Once we learn to synchronize our desire and find out the ways to achieve it, we live in peace and feel happy. So how to be happy? Note few points-

  1. You must have few close friends whom you can trust and spend some quality time with. Nothing is better than a face to face chatting, gloating and food-ing! It rejuvenates you and gives you immense pleasure.
  2. Follow a disciplined life. A routine helps you to synchronize your job and passion. If you are working hard in your workplace whole day, then you must have some time to play the violin, listen to music or read a book or whatever you like.
  3. You must be in a close relationship if you are an adult or you must be happily married.
  4. Spend some time in charitable work especially on your Sundays or holidays. Helping others or contributing to society gives a divine feeling. If you have not experienced it then take a dip!
  5. Spend more time on humour, with the friends who have a good sense of humour. This will keep you happier most of the time.
  6. If your past is frustrating, try to forget it. Do not let your past spoil your present and future. Try to live in the moment and feel happy.
  7. Follow a religion. Keeping faith gives you confidence.
  8. Do not compare the material accumulation of others with yours. Wealth accumulation is never ending process. So try to be happy with what you have. A small home with peaceful life is better than a palatial house with lots of chaos around.
  9. Be honest with what you do. Do not get involved in inner conflicts of do’s and don’ts. If your conscience is clear you are at peace and feel happy.
  10. Take part in community works and all festivals. Be friendly to others, try to know people. Increase your social networking, listen to others and talk to others. Human touches are a great healer, I believe so.
  11. Watch TV, watch movies, listen to music or sing songs, appreciate art, do whatever you like. Once in a while indulge yourself in “to-be-you”.
  12. Visit historical places, world heritage sites, museums, sea beaches or mountains. Travel as per your interest and try to know the world. Knowledge gives immense satisfaction.
  13. If you are a very knowledgeable person, then indulge yourself in spreading knowledge. Share your views through print media, social media or multi media. Enlightening people is a social service. Do it and get the pleasure of life.
  14. Interact with children. The innocence of children is worth exploring. They are the creators and future of the world. Guiding them in right direction is the need of the hour.
  15. Visit old age homes or the patients in hospitals. Interact with them or try to help the families of the serious patients. You can make a group of friends and do some work for the needy. It gives inner peace.
  16. Grow plants. Grow flowers. Indulge yourself in the beautification of the mother earth.
  17. The most filling happiness comes when you see your own old parents smiling because of you and your children are proud of your deeds. So try to show gratitude whenever possible and to them who shaped your life.

Many more points can be added. It all depends on the person and the country where he lives.

So, I conclude today that  Synchronization of all your activities will lead you to Happiness and Inner  Peace.








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