My understanding of this word is very complicated. Its related to hypnotism, meditation or some kind of addictions.

In general, we sometimes reach to trance state unknowingly. These can be

  • Watching a favourite programme on Tv and totally engrossed with the characters. Forgetting where are we – at home or at some other place. The Same thing may happen while watching a movie too.
  • You can reach to a trance state while playing games on the computer or may be while totally engrossed in a video game.
  • I reach this state while sleeping especially in the afternoon. Sometimes after a week’s work, I fall asleep in the afternoon on a holiday and can’t decide the time while half awake or someone calls me to get up. Most of the time I want to make sure whether it’s evening or morning. While in deep sleep people gets disoriented and takes the time to get back to normal moves.
  • Trance state can be realised while doing any work with full concentration. It may be reading books, stitching something, involved in music or doing any professional work.

Someway or the other, we experience the trance state but do not give much attention to it. Today’s prompt forced me to think about it and I am enlightened.





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