Recite a poem to learn about lyrics, to learn about rhythm. Recite a flute, to taste the magic of music, to rejuvenate your soul. We cannot deny the beauties of recitals, the importance of recitals. It helps us to memorize the lyrics, it activates our brain cells, and it teaches us about voice modulations, control emotions, teaches expressions and so on and so forth. After all, life is beautiful and human lives are the most precious. Every life dreams, wants to achieve, wants to make a change, wants to leave a dent in this universe. Yes, I existed!!

Are all humans protected enough on this universe? Are all reach their goals? Is everyone is respected by fellow human being? The answer probably is, NO.

Every day young dreaming lives are lost. Reasons are plenty. Hunger and poverty, diseases, natural calamities, man-made disasters and accidents. One reason which shakes us every time is a road accident or any kind of accident related to transport. As the population is rising the accidental cases are also rising. Every year in India there are at least 5 lakhs accidents and the lives lost are not less than 1.5 lakhs. This is a number, alarmingly high because no war or no natural calamity has seen this number if we consider the total number of wars and natural calamities. Numbers are immaterial though as the lives lost by any means are regrettable.

What can we do to reduce road accidents in India? And worldwide?

India is a vast country with a huge population of which twenty-five percent are illiterates. If the data available on the internet are to be believed India is the home of the largest population of illiterate adults. With this numbers, it is easily understood that the number of road accidents occurs in India, may be the highest in the world. Every citizen can not afford a car here, so most of them depend on two wheelers. The young children use two wheelers to go to schools, colleges and tutorial homes. A large number of two-wheelers run on the roads of India along with cars, trucks, buses, autos and innumerable kinds of vans. The traffic rules are hardly followed when everyone is in hurry. Adding to the woes are the bad roads with potholes and clogged water in the rainy season. The life is indeed hard here.

As the government is taking various road safety measures by introducing laws and trying to check speed limits but somehow I feel we, the citizens, failing to do our duties towards the society surrounding us. Can we not involve ourselves in spreading awareness against drunk driving, rash driving, teaching traffic rules to children and their parents? Can we not spread the awareness about the safe driving among the village people who are not properly educated? Can we not spread awareness among the drivers in the unorganized sector for safe driving and advise them not to drive while drunk? There are a lot of work which can be taken up by young educated mass to popularize safe driving through social media, multimedia and print media. Let us try to prevent road accidents so that no mother loses her child, no father weeps silently in memory of his son.

This write up is dedicated to the memory of my son’s friend who lost his life yesterday while returning from his Engineering College in a two wheeler. He was the only child of his parents. May his soul rest in peace, but how to keep alive the souls of his parents?? !!

Come, let us Recite Life. Let us recite a thankful note everyday to GOD for we are ALIVE.




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    Great post my friend !! 👍😊

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