My 7 Ways to enjoy solitude.

Very often my social site status update read: Love Solitude. My friends are quick to respond “why? Anything wrong?” I send a smile back and say “All fine, no worry. I really love solitude.”
Solitude is fine sometimes if not always. We live in chaos. Every day with the same routine work, rush for reaching workplace on time, show competence every day, prove that you are the best every day, and come back home realising many things are lying undone. The second part of the day starts at home, prove that you are a great mom or dad or son or daughter etc. Among all these ‘to do’s where is the time for yourself?
Take some time off from your work, go to a quiet place. As William Harper said, “And in the solitary state of oneness, man can meet himself” ……A solitary confinement gives the chance to concentrate on oneself leading to self-discovery.
• Enjoy the beauty of nature: the clouds, the fog, the sweet breeze, the waterfalls, the deep forest, the colours of flowers, the butterflies. Nature’s bowl is full, try to enjoy all of it.
• Go near to a sea. A long walk on the beach gives you the opportunity to know people. Observe them, how they enjoy life. The boats, fishermen, the children playing on the beach will refresh you. Open your canvass and try to paint whatever you like. Or, simply lie down and enjoy the waves.
• Your hobbies can flourish when you are alone. Compose songs, write poetry or think science or think life. Write your feelings about life’s experiences. It will give you an opportunity to retrospect and chalk out plans what else you want to do.
• Meditate every day in the early morning, it provides peace and strength for whole day’s work.
• Watch TV alone after returning from work. Feel the freedom of choosing the programme as per your wish.
• Cook food as per your wish. Lie down on a comfortable sofa, watch TV and taste the delectable food prepared by you or bought from your favourite eatery.
• Take time off at night or early morning to do your favourite work. It may be reading a book, gardening, music, and dance or planning your future.

So, we should not always conclude that loving solitude is a psychological problem. Refresh your mind, recharge your body. After all, it’s your life, which can avoid the dictations from others, at least for an hour, for a day or days.
Act wisely. Enjoy life in your own style!





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