15 ways to Live a Purposeful Life.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”…….Mark Twain

How about making a dent in the Universe where you live your life? Live from your heart. Leave no heart untouched. Write on the wall of life.

The simple ways to live positively and a purposeful life needs the following practices.

  1. Be kind, nice and polite to everyone you meet.
  2. Try to spread a positive vibe with helping others.
  3. Listen with care, have the patience to solve a problem.
  4. Try to understand that everyone has a story to tell. All are suffering from one or the other problem.
  5. “If you want to see the change, be the change first.”—very common quote we always refer to. Start working to make a change.
  6. Education is a broad area to start with, educate people about the positivity of life. Impart knowledge whenever possible. It’s not very easy and quick process to get everyone educated, but the long term effect will be beneficial for society.
  7. Impart knowledge of music, art and dance. Creativity is the essence of life. Creativity spreads happiness.
  8. No one wants to live a lonely life. Try to make friends. Have your own friends to have good discussions, outing, picnic or any charity works.
  9. A good friend circle is helpful for managing any crisis or giving a positive solution for any problem. We all know the importance of friendship in our society.
  10. One can volunteer for any crisis like natural calamities or give medical care to the needy.
  11. Taking part in any kind of campaigning like environmental protection, lifestyle, health care or education gives you a chance to leave a mark.
  12. Delivering good thoughts to society will ultimately make the change you want to see. You can speak out in any gathering or you can write your good thoughts to convey to people.
  13. Organize social gatherings where people can interact and know each other, share their views on different problematic issues which are emerging in society.
  14. Organize sports meets or other competitions for children so that the next generation make a bonding with each other.
  15. Our problems are many and vary from region to region, generation to generation. Organization of meetings will enable us to know about the things to be done.

Dream, plan, organize and deliver the goods to society so that no one feels to live on an isolated island alone. Let us grow and enjoy life together. The digital era has made people drift away from each other. Many are feeling lonely, helpless. Living with no hopes are killing people inside. Think of it and act to make the world a better place.


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