Notice the people who are happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad. They deserve a special place in your heart –

Sometimes you meet some persons and you just get well with them. You blend so well that it becomes impossible to think about a separation all through life– They are your true friends.


Friends are so special that we cannot think of our life without them. I, as a child and as a teenager, felt the part played by each of my friends. Studying, playing, watching movies, planning mischiefs, helping each other, doing team work, acting, singing, dancing, recitation, facing the crisis of life- the list is endless when I have not my friends by my side. Not only them, but their parents too were encouraging and helping. Our childhood, as well as university days, were never revolving around a cell phone and internet. We had plenty of opportunities to interact with people and understand them. A friend is a human being with his or her family members, problems, intellects, talents. He or she lives in a society where a healthy relationship grows with understanding each other. We learnt to face so many problems with a smiling face because of the support of a strong friend circle. For friends, all problems have a solution. Imagine how talented can be a person who can laugh away any grave situation to just keep you strong and steady!


Now, after coming a long way, when I sat in solitude and try to recollect my friend’s role in my life, I can see a shimmering light floating towards me carried by the waves in a huge ocean. The shimmering lights assure me that they are there, the shoulders are there to lean on. I bow down my head, gratitude shimmers along my nerves, my blood vessels. I do not share a single drop of blood with them, but they are there for me.

Though lifestyle changed, we have entered into the cyber era. Trust, empathy,caring and sharing no longer remained same like before, still, some good friends exist to listen to you. Go and search them out.

With a long life of friendship– Happy Friendship Day to you all!

Enjoy every day with your friends and feel fortunate.

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