20 Possible Ways to Fly Healthy:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Well, if you were Superman, travelling would be so much easier. If you’re not ( and if you are, feel free to skip this article and go save the world 😉 ) air travel can be overwhelming and exhausting. Planes are often reputed as cold and flu factories with various germs and bacteria lingering around. Your head may be in the clouds (quite literally) but keep your feet grounding as we provide you with these tips on how to stay healthy while flying!!

1) Get enough sleep before you travel. People who are well rested with adequate sleep are less susceptible to infections. 

2) Carry your own travel pillow and blankets as the airlines often reuse them rather than cleaning them between the flights.

3) If you’re travelling with a child make sure your child is up to date on immunisations.

4) Never forget to carry an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Sanitize your hands before eating airline meal or after using the toilet. healthy-on-plane-1-sanitizer

5) Use Alcohol wipes or Anti Bacterial/Viral wipes to disinfect the tray table. 102990139-GettyImages-469661198.530x298

6) Use a new towel or a wipe to open or shut the cubicle door and to use the taps or flush.

7) Dehydrated mucous membranes are prone to infection. Drink bottled water to keep them from drying out. Avoid alcohol and caffeine while flying as they tend to cause dehydration.pexels-photo-75627

8) Don’t use water in the bathroom to brush your teeth. Use bottled water instead. 

9) Always sanitize your hands after leaving an airplane bathroom as bacterias like E.Coli, Shigella or Klebsiella are often present on the toilet seats.

10) Try to avoid using seat pockets as previous passengers could have put old tissues there.stm50928730d6f1e20121101

11) Avoid drinking coffee or tea on an airplane as they’re made from water in the airplanes’ tanks. Usually, boiling water up to 100 Degree Celsius for 1 minute kills the pathogens, however, in an airplane it may not often reach the required temperature to kill the pathogens. A person with suppressed immune system should avoid drinking water or anything made out of airplanes’ water tanks. Also, Avoid ice in drinks as they’re usually made from water in the tank.

12) If affordable or possible sit towards the front of the plane as ventilation systems in any commercial aircraft provides a better airflow.

13) Avoid touching surfaces in an airplane bathroom. Use the paper toilet seat cover and wash hands with hot water and soap and use a fresh towel to turn off the tap. Be extra cautious on international flights as there are more chances of people coming back with viruses that our immune systems aren’t used to.17.

14) Ask sick passengers near you to observe cold and flu etiquettes. If someone near you isn’t covering coughs or sneezes ask them to, even if it makes you feel awkward to do so. 

15) Use the personal air conditioning vents as the sophisticated filters present in them removes 99.97 percent of the germs. It also keeps the secondary air flow from your fellow passengers away.Xian_China_Eastern_Airlines_Aircraft_Cabins_Lighting_n_Air-Conditioner

16) Avoid packing a heavy carry on baggage as it can cause back or muscle injury while walking through the airport or lifting it up into the overhead bin.

17) On long international flights get up and stretch periodically or walk up and down the aisle. Sitting in an economy class seat for a long time can decrease blood flow to the lower limbs and cause blood clots in your leg (Deep Venous Thrombosis). Risk factors for DVT are pregnancy, old age, obesity, history of heart disease or history of blood clots.

18) If you’re prone to motion sickness take ginger capsules before boarding the flight. Avoid looking at moving images or reading books. Direct the air-conditioning vent over your head. Listen to soothing music and try to sleep. Motion sickness ends when you fall asleep.

19) Avoid travelling when you are sick as the stress from travelling can further exaggerate the illness.

20) Wash or sanitize your hands after getting off escalators as they’re always full of germs. pexels-photo-327496

Here we go, Now you know the 20 Possible Ways to Have a Healthy and A Germ-Free Flight! Have a safe flight and Happy Journey!!!








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    Interesting article for the travelers. I think it’s very important as information and very excellent precautions in the circumstances. Thank you!
    André Bouchard

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      Thank you for reading! Hope it helps.


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