What is life? Life is a mess. You plan one thing, the other happens. Sometimes you have pleasant surprises, sometimes it’s the other way. You get fearsome, confused, tensed and bumbled!!

Moving down the memory lane, all of you can find the series of incidences when we dig hard to understand life. Why it happens- man proposes and God disposes of? We can’t find any answer.

Out of all messy moments, there are few we remember forever. Like how I met my husband! Many have a story to tell. When my husband as a groom came to meet me with his family members, I was pretty nervous. Thinking about the outcome of the meeting I bumbled throughout the meeting session. I was thinking about leaving my parents forever, confused about my new destination and of course about the man of my life. How will be a new life? Never felt the anxiety in that way!

The messy moments occurred before preparing for exams and writing exams. So many books to be read, so many answers to be written, so many anxious hearts about my performance are to be calmed down- all made my behaviour for the examination month-bumbled!

Think of travelling to a place-won’t get the desired conveyance. Bumbled?!

Try to pursue a course in a reputed University- not selected. Bumbled?!

Try to attend a ceremony or festival- guests arrived or fall sick. Bumbled?!

What about when a cockroach sits over your head or you just come across a lizard on the wall? Bumbled and you never forget the incident!

Try to cook a dish with lots of interest but realise the empty fuel cylinder half way. Bumbled- right?

So, there are plenty of incidences when we get awestruck and that’s life!!

I saw a snake in my house, right below the place where I was sitting and preparing University question paper. Engrossed in my serious work, I did not notice the door was open and the reptile entered to take rest, may be. Now you may realise what BUMBLE means!! I can’t explain my plight, that day, that moment. It was killed but the real story is really a long one and fearful.

Have a nice time!

Eager to hear from you.


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