Passengers on a Planet

Few realise that life is a journey and we are mere passengers on this journey. Start from the same point and reach different destinations during the travel, but at the end return to the same point from where one started. The passengers have different fates, different style of travelling, different destinations to reach. Some like to be quiet, obedient passengers, travel through their journey in a disciplined manner like very obedient children. Some like to take over to the wheels, have fun and drive the vehicle, showing other passengers the way. Some travellers are reckless, don’t want to obey any rule, chaotic; neither they enjoy their trip, nor do they allow their co-passengers to enjoy the ride.

Life is a Run!

I like to travel. I had the opportunity to enjoy car, bus, train, boat and aeroplane ride. For me, the most enjoyable is a train ride and the most frightening is a plane ride. While travelling in a plane, I always close my eyes and pray when it takes off. Once, up in the air, you are not sure about your fate. Anything may happen. You are a good passenger but you may be disturbed by some unruly one. Some awful passengers, I encountered with are fond of drinking, shouting. Some children just forget that they are up in the air and demand all kinds of food, behave as if they are at home. Some are never friendly and some are full of courtesies, helpful. I came across the stories of ‘missing’ flights and hijacked flights. Some flights turned into ashes.  So a journey is always tough, depends on your fate.

When you are unsure, you believe in fate! That’s true.

You may not like to be a passenger, you may like to be a pilot. Any pilot symbolises a leader. A true leader has a purpose of living life.

People without Purpose Live Wasted Lives.”- A quote from the movie Passenger which always inspired me.

The gist of life is simple. Enjoy your journey. Be an ideal passenger. If possible be a PILOT!

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10 responses to “Passengers on a Planet”

  1. Fortunately Human Avatar

    Nicely written piece….though the fact is that….the air travel is the safest of all…if we go by the data….

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Its me, who gets scared 🙂 Thanks for Reading

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      1. Fortunately Human Avatar

        My pleasure…SD….regards….


  2. Success Inspirers' World Avatar

    I usually don’t fear when I am in the air. I just trust the plane will arrive safely. Your post is well written. The first lines have really caught my attention.

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you so much. You are brave 🙂 I cant help myself, always scared to fly 🙂


      1. Success Inspirers' World Avatar

        I’ll be featuring you between now and Monday on quotes by contemporary writers/ bloggers. Watch for it.

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  3. Kusal K.Das Avatar
    Kusal K.Das

    I don’t get scare but feel very bore in a long flight.

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  4. Journey of Roo Avatar

    I agree with you. Nice writing.
    In whatever position we are what matters is how we are carrying it out, good or worse way. What makes a journey peaceful even with a bunch of different types of people? Must be enlightening to look into.
    One Pilot, Co-Pilot, Crew, Passengers- If any one of these wants someone else’ character there will be a great mess. But if each looks at their assigned character/duty and be true to their position giving their best it is very much likely there will be peace. When a passenger takes control of own role then s/he becomes the Pilot of his/her Self even as a Passenger on a Plane. 🙂


    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thanks for reading. Appreciate your thought. 🙂

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