Not my feet but the Heart!! Scampers

What does scamper mean? It’s a quick run with light steps, especially through fear or excitement.

Scampering of a little child is beautiful with the first steps he takes. I remember my son giggling with excitement when he started walking. His laugh, his glittering eyes, his first little steps which were so unstable, still lingering in my mind. He walked quickly for only a few steps and fell down! Tried to get up, succeeded and again took few steps to fell down again. One of the loveliest moments of my life. I was smiling, watching him scampering. Excitation for mum and son was unlimited!!

Only human beings in their childhood are allowed to scamper! Others are small animals, rats, squirrels. Watched them too to scamper.

But why only our little feet which scamper? Why don’t we say that our heart too scampers with emotional rise and fall? The first ride on an aeroplane, on a train, on a car or a boat caused my heart scampered with excitation. I remember to refuse to go inside a cruise ship when I was pretty older, in my University days. Crossing the log to reach up to the cruise was scary for me. I try to imagine many a time, what will be the excitation of a loco driver when he takes his huge vehicle on the track for the first time in his life? Does his heart scamper? How much? What about the first flight of a pilot? How the captain of the ship or cruise feels on his first mission? And the biggest scampering of heart might be occurring when the spaceship is launched, the astronauts are inside!! Have anyone asked them the initial feeling of the mission?

I would like to travel the longest route of my country by a train called Vivek Express. It travels 4273 kilometres in 80 odd hours to reach its destination. One end in the east, Dibrugarh, touches another end point of South Kanyakumari. One more similar train travels from the west end Okha to southern end, Tuticorin. I wish I can finish travelling the long distance with a huge time duration without losing patience. How beautiful the journey will be! Through the hills, lush forests, waterfalls, tunnels and the ordinary plains. Crossing stations through vast regions, different foods, different people, different weathers, different sceneries!! I enjoy meeting people in trains. And the small children are so lovely while scampering through the train’s corridors. They are the most excited passengers in the train. Peeping through the window to watch sceneries till dusk, interacting with every uncles and aunt, those innocent looks and smiles, that sleepy mood! Watching small children and understanding them makes my journey worthwhile. Wish to travel more as a passenger, knowing the world. Let my heart scamper with excitation and fear (while crossing a tough route)!! Don’t forget to watch this beautiful video.

Hope you liked my idea of scampering heart



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