I love to cook. Today’s prompt made me delighted as I have a chance to share my culinary skills with all of you. You become passionate about recipes when foodies are around. Preparing snacks are tough as you should not have anything or everything for snacking! Like your meals, your snacks too should be healthy and nutritious. Here I share some evening snacks I prepared recently. These go well with a cup of tea or coffee.

Cutlet prepared with bread, cottage cheese and onions with few herbs .(©Revolving Around Life)
Cutlets with soya granules, boiled potatoes, onion-garlic paste, little spices. (©Revolving Around Life)
Bread balls with boiled potatoes and cottage cheese fillings. Looks like an egg. Yummy for children. (©Revolving Around Life)
A tangy nutritious salad with grated cucumber, onions, chillies, coriander leaves, grated coconut, soaked lentils, and lemon juice. (©Revolving Around Life)
Custard with dark chocolate paste and lots of dry fruits. Healthy and easy to make. (©Revolving Around Life)
A healthy drink prepared from tomatoes, carrots, pomegranate. We can prepare with other combinations of fruits and vegetables too. Ver fulfilling to stomach. (©Mithu Gupta, Everyday Cooking)
Here goes the Devil. What I did for my blog today or what the prompt did to me! ‘Snack’ inspired me to prepare this snack for today’s companion for coffee. Innovative indeed! Toast biscuits with cheese spread, peanut butter and choco spread toppings.  Though tasty, very easy to make and tempting for children, we should avoid it. Avoid the reasons for obesity. (©Revolving Around Life)

Now, you know, what all I wanted to tell about snacks.

Happy Snacking!

Stay Healthy and Fit!


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