Sunny Ways of Living: Clean energy is need of the hour.

The world population is struggling with getting energy every day. The non-renewable sources are depleting as the demand for it is rising. We must have alternate sources of energies like wind, solar, hydro, thermal etc. One more thing which is causing worries is the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, depletion of the ozone layer or in one word we are searching the ways to reduce the carbon footprint. The densely populated cities like Delhi in India is struggling to breathe fresh air. This city was in news recently, post-Diwali, for a high level of toxic gases and other harmful substances in the atmosphere. There are people who think seriously about the conservation of nature, but their number is a handful.

One of the ways to reduce carbon footprint and have fresh air around is the use of clean energy.

For example, what can we do with the solar energy? How much solar energy we get per sunny day? How much solar energy can be obtained only from the super-hot sunny areas like deserts? The quantity is mind-blowing. As the solar energy is diffused we can’t use the entire amount but that much energy is not required to power the entire world. Only one percent is sufficient to meet the demand of the energy we need.

What can we do with solar energy?

  • Well, to begin with, we can grow our food, we know what photosynthesis is? Hence, sunny days are needed to have our food and fruits and flowers.
  • Why don’t we go back to ancient days when people used solar energy to dry their clothes, dry anything they wanted, to heat water and even to get fire? Focus a glass piece on a piece of paper, let the sun rays pass through it, and the paper catches fire. One of our childhood game to know how powerful is solar energy.
  • We can store the solar energy, concentrated solar power to heat water. This hot water can be utilised for bathing, shower, to keep the pool’s water warm and so many other uses where hot water is necessary.
  • All of us know about Photovoltaic cells (PV) which convert sunlight into DC and with an inverter its converted into AC. These solar cells can be used for lighting lamps, running a motor or spinning a fan. Just imagine how many lights and fans are required in a day for our home? If we can cut down on our electricity bills by using solar cells to half also, we will reduce the burden on non-renewable sources of electricity. At least we will be able to reduce the number of thermal power plants. The solar cells can lit up the street lights, community halls where a large amount of electricity is train
  • Just think about replacing fossil fuels with solar modules and panels. Solar panels can be used to run cars, buses, planes and even trains. There are countries like Canada and China which are using solar energy for public transportation. This is a wonderful idea to reduce carbon footprint and rejuvenating the air we


  • Solar energy is used for space crafts as well.
  • Cooking of food can be done with a solar cooker. This is a useful device in the remote areas where the supply of electricity and LPG cylinders are difficult. The people in remote areas are dependent on natural resources like wood and coal. If they can utilise solar energy at its maximum then the carbon footprints will be reduced to some extent.
  • For developing countries where electricity is still a luxury, sunny days are a blessing if the energy can is used wisely. Technological development towards clean energy sources needs aggression.
  • For developed countries, there is no dearth of electrical energy, but the use of clean energy will preserve the natural sources. Hence, it is required that the developed nation promote the technology for clean energy usage and guide the whole world. The waste of energy should be stopped as much as possible.
  • We have plenty of uses of sunlight right from sterilising water to lighting homes. Many more ideas are coming up. We have to put them together and get rid of the power crisis, as well as preserving our environment.

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2 responses to “Sunny Ways of Living: Clean energy is need of the hour.”

  1. Tom's Nature-up-close Photography and Mindfulness Blog Avatar

    We have a solar cooker and use geothermal to heat and air condition our house. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Wonderful and exciting. You have geothermal energy too! You live with nature. Blessed! Thanks for reading.


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