My Joyride on Wheels

Let’s imagine a life without wheels. Impossible? Yes!

When you have a life, you have a wheel. You are riding a wheel to reach your destination.

From the time you are born, you are introduced to a wheel.

The new-born baby on mother’s lap comes home riding a car, or a vehicle. Life’ wheels start running.

A perambulator takes you out for your joy, a vehicle takes you to school, your dad or mum takes you for shopping, you go for a picnic, you go for a tour, you learn to watch time in a clock, you ride a giant wheel during a festival….the list is endless. How would be life without a wheel? It will be dead.

So is my life revolved around wheels? Yes.

The first fascination about wheel was my dad’s bicycle. I used to watch its wheels, how it goes round. Sometimes watched the wheel running and put my fingers to stop the wheel.

My dad’s bicycle [Source: Team-BHP ]

Got hurt but never stopped experimenting with the wheel. Pushed the standing bicycle and seen its wheel moving, that’s the curiosity of a child! My dad was wise, learnt his daughter is fond of bicycle. So he taught me how to ride a bicycle at the tender age of eight. It was a huge cycle for me, I fell down many times. Had cuts, stitches, bandages, but never deterred to ride the cycle. That was my fascination. We had cycle rickshaws to take us to school. What a journey that was, every day. The bell of the rickshaw arriving at our gate, a quick rush to occupy a good seat. Grew up little and started cycling to school. All pleasant memories. Cool days, the coolest students. I grew up in a small town which has very good ring roads and plenty of trees. Bicycling along those roads under the sheds of trees were really joyful. When friends were around, there was a competition of running with cycles very fast.

Then came the graduation day and my dad was ready with my bike. I used to go to university with my new bike. But still missed the bicycle days. Now I drove a car but nothing matches the joyride on a bicycle.

One more wheel which fascinated me always is the wheels of a train. How the train arrives at a station. The big metal wheels make so much noise! I close my ears and eyes. Always feel that no one should come under those wheels! They are so scary!

What I am talking about? All of you know the importance of wheels. Right?

Now, I will tell you the wheel which I loved the most in my childhood.

Have you ridden a giant wheel during any festival? Maybe, you have. I like them but not much.

They don’t fascinate me.

Have you ever experienced the smaller version of that amusement ride? See the picture below…

Source: Jiboner Nagordola

I was just mad about it. We had many festivals. During that time we used to get this small wheels made up of wood. Only four boxes, each box could have four children. Small children were fascinated about it. Whenever it took rounds all children on the ride, used to giggle and shout. When the wheel used to gain its speed there was a feeling of fear, but that was the joy of riding it. One laughs, shouts, gets scared with the speed of the wheel. I can’t remember now, how many times I rode this wheel. Just crazy about it so much that many times I was the only child for whom those kind uncles had to move that wheel!! The alone child moving and taking the joyride on the wheel! Those days were calm, otherwise, my passion could have been a leading story for many news channels!! Nowadays, I don’t see these manually operated wheels, the electric giant wheel has replaced them. The innocence lost with technology.

Giant Wheels.jpeg

Electric Wheel

The innocence lost with technology!!







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