We cannot deny that our life revolves around illusions. We laugh, smile, cry or feel happy or sad on how we live. We want to control not only our lives but also the lives of people we live with. Our want and needs have no demarcations. Our unlimited want of happiness-mental and material, drive us madly. We often forget we landed here alone and will go back alone, empty handed. Or, we understand the Philosophy of life but want to live life to the fullest by tasting all materialistic bits and pieces.So what for we are living? What are the things we want to possess? A deep thinking with your eyes closed will take you to the real meaning of illusions.

I, at some point in time in my life, lived with loads of illusion. I was a small baby girl, just learnt how to speak, how to walk. It was like seeing the first light, first know-hows of life. Dad used to take me along with him, sometimes on his lap, sometimes holding my fingers, he tried to show me the life around us. Mum, at the same time, fed me, telling stories. It happens with all babies, they fall asleep at any time of the day or night and mums have to struggle to feed them. I was no exception. My mum used to tell me so many stories to keep me awake while feeding me dinner. All the stories were fairy tales. I, the smallest child on the Earth, kept my eyes open to listen about the Prince Charming, how he arrived and offered his love for the princess. He took his love after doing impossible wonders and then they are married, lived happily ever after. Sometimes learnt that Prince came in the disguise of a beast or a golden frog! And got pleased with princess’s answer, took her away in the whitest horse. I thought all the tales as true. What an illusion!!

Then came the stories of Cinderella, it took my mum three days to finish that story. She did it intentionally to keep me illumined about the prince. What a wonderful story! I was illumined completely, dreamt of becoming Cinderella one day!! The illusionary Prince charming vanished once I grew up and I knew no such prince existed!!

Then the Christmas nights, stories of Santa, the socks full of gifts!!

The stories of fairies, their visits during our sleep.

The ghosts!! Who has not mistaken any object as a ghost in his lifetime?

Or, at least once, you thought the rope was a snake!

With all these illusionary ideas we grew up. The one I loved the most and want to remain illusioned about it is the MOON.

Sleeping on the roof, looking at the sky, the blue, serene, calm moon called me every day in my childhood. I wished I could land up there like Neil Armstrong. The craters of the moon, I illumined as the big palaces, where an old lady sitting and making the yarns out of cotton. Even I wanted to reach to the moon by using a ladder. I was in love with the sky and the stars and the moon for a long time, read every story about them and thought about touching them. Later in life, I realised my illusionary ideas and laughed at myself. The innocence of childhood has seen the most of the illusions, living life with illusions, but those days were the sweetest days of my life.

I wish to go back to those days when illusions drove me with lots of dreams on my eyelids.


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