Committed, we are all. To our professions, to our duties for our children, to everything we do. We are committed to ourselves to see our intentions for the living are fulfilled. Life without a purpose does not bear any meaning. If we achieve our purpose of living we feel proud.

Think about the soldier fighting for us on the border, fighting against all odds to keep us safe. How is he committed?

Think of that social worker who has only intended to do works for people. How are they committed? Remember Mother Teresa?!

Think of the doctor who takes rounds after rounds to see his patients cured. He forgets sleep and food sometimes.

Think of the surgeons who thought about the heart transplantation and head transplantation of late. And those in search of medicines to cure cancer.

Think of the scientists working in NASA, searching for another habitable planet.

The scientists and the people involved in exploring the Earth, space, ocean, deserts and  Antarctica for the benefits of human being.

The people who are committed towards the benefits of society are really blessed. They are the children of God.  Who can leave a mark, remains alive after death is the really committed people.



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