Life is a joyride in the loop line.

Twenty-first century, new ideas, new technologies every day, new fashion, new thoughts are driving people crazy. Everyone wants to taste the new gears, to reach new heights. Are our girls falling behind? No, not at all. They too are striving forward with the boys. We talk about gender equality, calculate gender gap index, calculate the sex ratio of every country. The statistics are not encouraging but not the worst either. Things are much improved with the girls and women. Many women are at the top of positions, winning medals, running countries.

You try to peep into any field and you find a successful lady there. It’s required that the women folk must contribute in the developmental ideas for the benefit of the society. They constitute the half of the total population!

Try to go deeper into the sea. Are women happy? Are they capable of breaking the glass ceiling or the thread of development of women takes a round and comes back to the same spot- making a loop?

An incident shook me recently which made the ground for writing today’s blog. A bubbly young, pretty, intelligent civil engineer and a PhD scholar who has good publications to her credit committed suicide. Very recently this news hit all the TV news channels and the newspapers. Many articles are written about her. I too came across the news, the plight of the girl hit me at the bottom of my heart. Are we civilised enough? The girl died because her father could not pay the dowry, the groom’s family asked for. In this century, this incident happened. The mostly educated, independent, a scholarly girl could not bear the torture and found solace in death. Her father, at the hospital, uttered that he did the mistake of spending money on her education, rather he could have saved it for her marriage. I understand it’s the pain and agony.

The same old story. A girl child born and you start thinking about her marriage. But the society tells you that it has progressed, the girl child is no longer a burden. You feel the dilemma and decide to take a joy ride in the loop line. After few years the line ends at setting up an arranged marriage, the dowry negotiation, the restrictions a girl suffers from her family. You realise nothing has changed!!

Why? Why the new ambitions and old restraints are still meeting? What are the reasons we are unable to cut the thread which is making the loop again and again and in this century too? When our mindset, which oppresses women will change? When will we be able to call us as ‘progressed’ in the truest sense?

I am waiting.


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