Meddling Mom-In-Law.

Rupsa is a lovely, bubbly girl in her twenties. Just got married, her in-laws live with her in a palatial house. Husband Manish is a very handsome, well-educated man who loves Rupsa so much that he never forgets to ask her about any kind of inconvenience in the new household. For Rupsa, the house was new, the people were new as she did not know about Manish and her family earlier. It was like a dream marriage. The prince came, liked her so much that he could not wait for more than a week. The marriage took place all of a sudden. Rupsa and her parents were in dilemma to decide the venue, food, guests and before settling on anything, Manish’s family did all the rituals and Rupsa was just robbed away from her parents. She was happy. Mother in law tried to teach her the new dishes, took care of her clothes, her makeup, her wardrobe, jewellery and what not. For everything she has to ask mom- in -law, wait for her approval. But she felt happy. It was like her own mom guiding her. Father- in- law was her team mate in any kind of rule breaking. Have a chess round in between the work or discussing political affairs of the country. Pa- in- law was just giving her company as like her dad. What else a girl can demand? Manish was loving, caring and fulfilling all her wishes. A small family in a lovely house, God was very kind.

Came the good news. The much awaited news of arrival of a grandchild made Rupsa’s mom- in- law very happy. She was elated so much that she could not resist herself from declaring that from now on, she will take care of everything about Rupsa. Her food and timings of all activities, right from getting up from the bed to going to sleep in the night, will be monitored by the would be grandma. Initially, Rupsa could not understand what it was all about as it was first pregnancy. Slowly after two months, she started realising that all the rituals done by her mom in law are pure interference to block her freedom. Complete meddling!! She could not have the food she likes. All foods were too healthy, too bland. For her, every movement there came a cautionary word ‘Take Care’ or ‘don’t do’. Now she turned up to Manish. Asked him for help. Manish is a really good guy. Took Rupsa out of the house, convincing his mother. They savour food outside the house, watched movies. Life for Rupsa came back to normal, but her mom- in- law did not stop meddling. Rupsa was happy with Manish, so she tolerated and ignore her mom- in- law’s activities.

Manish had to leave home one day as there was an important conference in a different city.He had to be there for three days. He was not willing to go, but the job rituals, one has to obey. So Manish left home by a flight and promised Rupsa that he will come back on time. Three days later, when all were watching TV and Rupsa was waiting in the terrace for Manish’s arrival, there was a scream of her pa- in- law. Rupsa came running down the stairs, saw her pa- in- law crying and shouting. Before Rupsa could understand anything, her mom in law stated that Manish’s plane crashed. It all happened because of the ill-fated child to be born and the inauspicious mother of the child. This was her statement “ kill the child, the ill-fated, lost his father before even seeing the light”. She started hitting Rupsa. Rupsa felt the pain in the abdomen and fainted.

When she revived her consciousness, she found Manish standing beside her. She was on the hospital bed. Tried to understand what might have happened. She saw her own parents standing in a corner weeping, sobbing continuously. Rupsa was told by her mom in law that the plane crashed was not Manish’s. Her pa in law did that mistake of learning the correct flight number and the unfortunate incident happened which took a toll on Rupsa and her child’s health. Rupsa listened quietly. Not uttered a word. Called her dad and called Manish. She declared that she would not stay with in-laws, rather she would love to stay in her parents’ home. Too much meddling of her mom in law with her life was now suffocating her. She wants her child to be free of all kinds of superstitions, she wants her child to grow with humanitarian values, not with any kind of blind beliefs. She got up from the bed, moved towards her mom, and went out of the sight of Manish and his parents.

Manish tried to ask her to reconsider as his mother’s behaviour was an emotional outburst, but Rupsa did not stay back, only assured Manish that she may come back once the child was born. Let Manish understand her trauma and wait till she returns.





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