Dream Sleep Meddled!!

“The best kind of rain, of course, is a cosy rain. The rain that falls on a day when you’d just stay in bed a little longer, write creatively or read a good book while sipping on hot Tea and Honey. Even on rainy days, there is beauty in the making. Let the rain fall where it may, and don’t be reluctant to feel it fall upon you. On the busy days, enlighten someone new by saying hello with a smile. Hold and share your umbrella with someone that may not have one. It’s the smallest of things that make the greatest difference and can bring the sunshine on a gloomy, rainy day. There is always a Rainbow to be seen ~ even if it’s within your heart to shine onto others.” — Star Roberts

We like rain. Rainy days, music, a book, a movie, hot food make us so content. It seems life is really worth living. Cloudy skies can make you a poet or a lyricist. A rainbow can turn you into an artist. Rain has a power to bring out the creator in each one of us.

Blessed are those who can enjoy a rainy day deep down to their hearts. Very often, the rhythm of raindrops is meddled by the surrounding noise of a city life. The beauty of the raindrops falling, the pitter patter sounds, the dark clouds, the chilly winds are meddled by the tensions of your work, your target achieving, your household chores. In reality, hardly we can enjoy our wishes as described in a good book.

I, in my childhood days, was fond of sleeping. Especially on a rainy day or in a winter morning. I struggled to fulfil my wishes as my studies were meddling the hidden wishes of mine. My mom was also a strict lady. We sisters used to call her  ‘tigress’!! As soon as the clock was striking 5 in the morning she used to get up and used to call us. The rule was, we must wake up early in the morning for studies, she never insisted us for exercise but for studies. Whether it’s chilling cold or incessant rain, nothing deterred her getting up in the morning and did her all work. She expected the same from us. So never ever I could sleep properly though my bed was my best friend!. Now, my work keeps me always busy. The mind is preoccupied with ‘to do list’. Little laziness makes this list longer. Time is so precious! The work meddles my good friend, my dream like sleep to arrive up to me !!

Only an early retirement may see me sleeping or watching a cosy rain through windowpanes with a cup of hot coffee and my favourite book.





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  1. Kusal K.Das Avatar
    Kusal K.Das

    I love to enjoy rain with khichri and hilsa fish fry

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