Turn the Bottle Down!

Emotions are part of human life. Out of all emotions, anger is destructive. Managing anger is an art.

If you feel angry at a certain point, at your workplace or home, you must know how to express it so that you can put up your viewpoint without hurting others. If you can do it, you are blessed. Most of the people can’t manage anger. Either they become furious and abusive or they do not express anything, keep all the assaults in their heart. And this bottled up anger never shrinks. Imagine a relationship where every day some expectations are not meet with, the anger grows but not expressed thinking the valuable relation may die out. At workplace the employee is harassed by the boss, unable to express the disappointment, the employee bottles up the anger. It explodes one day when the bottle overflows leading to the worst of expressions including murder. The incidences are many, which were written about or picturised in movies.

Many a time we have witnessed mass movements, candlelight marches, revolutions, where the bottled up anger gathers public to take it to the streets. Until that point, the authorities at the helm of affairs don’t care to address the issue. The bottled up anger and its explosion did many wonders but basically one should avoid bottling up emotions. When the anger is at a personal level, it’s better to express, be it in a loud and clear way or in a much uglier way! But end it up without bottling it. The sudden eruption of anger may be considered as an uncivilised way of expression but it is the much more convenient way to convey our displeasure. Bottling up emotion hurts you, takes a toll on your health. The longer period of bottling up anger has seen cardiovascular diseases, depression and hypertension.

Research has shown that we can learn anger management. Discover the various ways to grip over negative eruptions.

Do not bottle it up. Do not hurt yourself.








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