Fathers are Angels

Father.. Dad… Papa… Abba.

Defining father’s role to shape our life makes us emotive. Close our eyes and think about your dad. What he did for you?

Right from your birth, he takes care of you. You start walking by holding his fingers. He is the only man, on whom you rely so much that when he throws you up in the air and catches you again, you laugh immensely. Think your dad showering love on you and you can’t stop laughing and smiling. The most precious moments of happiness comes from dad. He shows you how to wear your shoes, how to tie the shoelace. How to put up your school dress, how to ride a bicycle. He encourages you for fishing and teaches how to gobble up fish separating the bones. He takes you on a joy ride in his bike or for a long drive on a rainy day! Dad is so close to your heart who teaches you lessons, helps to solve Maths, appreciate your drawings, and introduces you to dancing and sometimes too weird music. Have you watched movies with your pa? Horror or adventurous it must be. Went for trekking or tried to roast a chicken or had a feast with barbequed? Swam in a pool or a pond, dad gives the company. Run, fight, box, play chess, or football, father is everywhere. Want a gift, want your school fees, look up to your pa. And who saves you from your growling mother? It’s your darling dad!

We can’t imagine life without father’s affection. Blessed are those who get father’s love for a longer period in life.

A father does all his duties quietly as if these duties are his life. Never demands. Devotes himself to his wife and children’s happiness. Forgets in the way, what are his wishes? His passions? Sometimes he feels low, depressed but bottles all it up! We never ask him whether he wins every day, in his life’s battle of keeping his family alive and happy. We presume that he can’t lose. Dad is the winner, always.

In reality, a loving and caring father bottles up all his emotions, tight. Never lets that bottle to be opened by anyone. He lives for others. His divine pleasure is to keep all of us happy.

Happy Father’s Day !!

Celebrate having a father in your life, EVERYDAY !




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