Romanticism Blossomed

A lazy day began with incessant rain.

Nature is pouring out all its agony and pain.

Just passed through a hot scorching, torturing summer.

With the sun at its full glaze, showing its cruelty at its best.

Human life doesn’t know to stop, went out for work every day

Without air conditions on, as there were power failures,

Life at the peak of struggles to survive, water scarcity,

Fruits, vegetables without their lustres, trees seemed helpless

For a drop of water, heat waves beating them ceaselessly.

I felt for everyone, felt for the mother Earth…

The wait seemed endless, as the global warming, dense population,

Non-stop demand from nature, torturing all through the year?

Will it shower us with affection or it will show us the ugly side- revenge?

Will the clouds blossom there up in the sky?

Will the prayers of every living being reach the sky?

And will the sky burst out in tears?

The wait is over. The sky is bloomed with clouds.

What a lovely sight. Thunderstorms, lightings, and rain.

Water everywhere. Lush greens everywhere.

Nature blossomed again.

Moods enthralled with music, guitars, fried pakoras.

Romanticism Blossomed !!!!








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