Paragon of Serenity

What actually we want from the lady of the house? That she should be a paragon of affection and love. Taking care of everyone around her, preparing awesome food, helping everyone getting ready on time, raising her children in a perfect way, motivational factor for her husband, adorable daughter in law, a perfect home manager. If it’s more than that then we start idolising her. I am fortunate to have that idol in my life.

Devyani aunty is a close acquaintance of our family. We knew her as my mum and she was working in the same school. She was the Principal and my mum was working under her. As their interests were similar, they became bosom friends. Aunty was an amazing cook too and my mum used to get interesting recipes from her. And you know what, anyone who can satisfy your stomach, becomes your favourite. Knowingly or unknowingly you start admiring her and fall in love with her! So, this is the secret, the foodie me, became her cajoled child. Her daughter was also a close friend of mine. Her way of carrying herself at home and in school, managing home and taking care of her children, friends and relatives; altogether she was a learning station.

Slowly, we moved apart. Our marriages, Parents’ ill health and my career kept me busy. I lost both my parents and thought of leaving my native place. My husband too was interested in new challenges and we moved to a new city, far away from our original place where we used to have Devyani aunt around.

Little did I imagined what was in store for me in this new modern city!! The new aroma of the city was so attractive that we were almost out of the house every day, enjoying the beauty of the city. The attraction of visiting a huge shopping mall, multiplexes, eateries with pizzas and burgers were just alluring. In this way, while roaming in a mall, I met my idol, Devyani aunty. It was so sudden, so unpredictable, so amazing. How can I express my feelings of having my another mum around? I wasn’t moving, remained standstill, tried to understand it wasn’t a dream and so did aunty. The initial pause got over, we ran towards each other and hugged tightly. Moment of eternal peace indeed! We enquired about each other, we cried, we laughed, we hugged each other again.

Aunty stays in the same city where I landed with my family! God is Great.

As she was, not changed a bit. Took me to her house. Nicely decorated, peaceful, serene, beautiful home. Aunty stays alone!!

She unfolded her story when I expressed anxiety on her staying alone. Her husband died of cancer a couple of years back. Son is a brilliant, successful engineer who decided to leave home for a better opportunity. Daughter got married to a handsome guy and has cutest of the children. She stays in a nearby city and visits her in the summers. Her son and daughter in law visit her once in three years. They are in touch over the phone. I was moved to tears. I insisted her to call back her son or at least, daughter to stay with her. But as she was, a paragon of serenity, a perfectionist, consoled me. She said, her time passes with the Doberman Jimmy, the fishes in the aquarium and few species of birds in the balcony space. She has kept water and seeds for birds and has a nice terrace garden. Kind hearted lady, goes to a centre too, twice a week,  to teach the special children. She said that she does not want to keep her children in a cage of responsibilities. She believes in love. Let her loves fly high, let their wings fly as high as possible. True love returns back. Her children, too, love her. They will come back if they find her in distress. She believes. May her beliefs come true.

I took a leave for that day thinking about her and her ideology. How much love one can show! How much selfless one can be! My inner voice said, “Learn”.

Hats off aunty!!

Now, I don’t forget to visit her once in a week. Enjoy the food cooked by her and learn life’s Philosophy endlessly. My decision to move out of my native place found a worth.

Hope this paragon of serenity increase in number, at every nook and corner of the world!!









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