Punctured Wounds!

Hearing about a Punctured bike tyre or bicycle tyre is an everyday affair in a country like ours. Ask a youngster why he/she is late and the answer is definitely about a punctured tyre. My young age too has seen many punctures. I learnt bicycling at the age of seven. Fall from the cycle due to a punctured tyre was a monthly affair. When I grew up and started going to college with a bike. So many days it happened that, I was feeling terribly hungry and wanted to come back home after classes and phew! the bike has punctured. Cried with agony, pushed the bike to a nearby shop, waited for repair work done and came back. Thankfully, every time friends helped me with chocolates and biscuits, giving company in the repair shop.

And who has not suffered a punctured wound at least once in a lifetime?

Most of the time the culprits are a nail, a pin or a glass piece which causes puncture of the tyres.

A thorn in a rose, in pineapple leaves, on eggplants, on cactus – hurt by them?


Fond of sewing? Then you must have a puncture on the fingers by needles.


Ever stepped on a nail or a broken glass piece while playing? Oh! Yeah!

And have you ever played games with your enemy by puncturing his car tyres because of his any action you didn’t like?

I have many stories to tell. Experienced each one I told you.

You can count your punctured wounds.









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