The word “Taper” made me think about life’s essentials which have tapered ends and how these things would be sans a tapered end? Funny. I want all of you to think like me!

Here I go with my list……..

A man wearing a tie and if the tie has no taper ends?


Flame of a candle, sans its tapered end, does it look that amazing?


Mountain tops or tree tops, imagine they are flat at the top!


Imagine leaves of trees. How beautiful they are with tapering ends?


Should I share with you that I was drawing beautiful leaves in my science project books?

I enjoyed drawing the tapering ends the most!

Tails of fishes, sharks, whales, lizards or snakes…..flat ends. Do you like?


How birds and aeroplanes could fly high without tapered wings and tails?


How life or Physics would be without convergent rays?


How would we deal if there was no centripetal force?

Would geometry be little easier without cones or angles? Life without ice cream?!!


How we would be writing if pencils and pens were without a tapering end?


To end with a romantic note:

Kate Winslet and Leonardo at the tapered end of the giant Titanic singing

We’ll stay, forever this way.
You are safe in my heart and
My heart will go on and on…

The wish of a lifetime, isn’t it?



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