Revealing Truths: Know How.

Revealing Secrets in the right moment and at the right place is an art. Life has many secrets. How one looks or behaves may not always reflect the truth. The secrets, sometimes are so important that they cannot be revealed. It ends up buried and goes in the coffin. But there are secrets which must be revealed to save a relation, for the betterment of a human being or uplifting a distressed situation.

If a child has a bad habit and the parents do not know it. The habit is destructive to the child, and no one dares to reveal it to parents as it would harm their feelings.

If a child is adopted and the parents decide to keep it a secret to the child for not hurting his beliefs.

If a child has problematic sexual orientation, parents do not know it. Sudden revelation may be shocking for the parents.

If one does not want to reveal the diseases he is suffering from to his partner before marriage. It may bring havoc to the relationship later.

If the real financial status is kept secret and it is revealed after the person becomes bankrupt!!

If one is practising law or medicine with a forged degree. It can be socially harmful.

If a person is corrupt and his family doesn’t know about it, the family’s reputation may be hit after the law takes action.

If the false allegations against a person are not revealed at the right time, his or her reputation, social status will be at stake and it may cause severe psychological distress.

So, the secrets may be many. Especially the ‘online’ age may see or experience many more secrets.

How will be the scenario if the truth is revealed in every case I mentioned above? Only one has to know how, when and where to reveal the truth. Procrastination of revelation can cause a huge problem for the person who listens to the truth. Try to be less destructive while you make revelations. Hence reveal as soon as possible to save relation.

The rule of revelation is

  • One must be very cautious. Know how to speak the truth.
  • Should not let your tongue loose. “Loose lips, sink ships”.
  • If you are not able to reveal the truth, have your friends or anyone to support you.
  • Revealing in public or in private: Understand what is better

Decide first whether the secret should remain secret forever or be revealed.

Stay happy. Keep others happy!






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