How I say how I knew “polish” !!!

How did I know polish? It was a word used in my daily life. School going can’t be without polished shoes. Everyday morning, check for the cherry blossom and apply it with a brush. Make shoes shining and leave home. Polish has got this much of importance then. Time flew and it was time to settle down in life. Parents started to see for a suitable groom for me. I could not manage to fall in love with any boy and they had to take this trouble. An arranged marriage is always tough for a girl. You never know who is he but you have to sit and talk with him. Only a few minutes and you have to decide whether he is suitable for you or not. Yeah!  Real tough job. Even if all family members are in the surrounding but it’s only you who will suffer if anything goes wrong. Naturally, I was nervous. “Never interacted with a boy kind of girl” is ready to see a boy first time in her life. All elders advised me how to handle the situation but one important advice came from elder sis who was staying abroad. Check out the boy’s shoes properly. If its cherry blossomed, nice looking expensive shoes then only marry him. It seemed that, the boy’s any other qualification as the groom was secondary. I was ready with all pieces of advice. I was obedient too. Met with the prince charming, spoke about studies, careers, future plans and I was satisfied. Neither asked him his financial status nor watched his shoes. Just forgot as I was satisfied with all his academic excellences. Forgot all pieces of advice and said yes. My sis, when came to know that I forgot to watch his polished shoes, said, “you are gambling”. That is, not checking properly about the boy, especially his cherry blossomed polished shoes and saying yes for the marriage is no less than gambling. If marriage works then fine, otherwise there is a chance it may not work.

Thus I knew what “polish” is in the true sense. But then, did I care?

I only cared for polished behaviour. Not even for a polished hairstyle, skin or wardrobe. Polish has only one importance in human life.  What reflects your personality is your polished behaviour. It keeps you connected to the society. Appreciation from others is key to success and it comes only when you are a polished human being.






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