Carry Yourself ‘Natty’ Way!

Being natty is as important as oxygen, water, food and shelter. A human being of any kind, beautiful or not, needs to have a fashion sense. That doesn’t mean he or she must be looking attractive all the time. The general perception is, a girl must look beautiful and a boy must look smart. I differ with this outlook. Fashion, to me, is whether you represent yourself to the society in a dignified manner. Imagine all the professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, High school teachers, Actors, Nurses, Company Secretaries, Police Officers or Detectives. Everyone has their own dress codes. How they carry themselves is so important! Do you go to a Doctor who wears an untidy dress and looks unhygienic kind? Or, do you listen to a Lawyer without his black coat on? Every person should be natty, as it speaks volumes about him or her at the first sight. Your style, your being natty conveys a message about you. It’s a ‘Love at First sight’ kind of thing.


Now, how much natty we must be? As much required. Overdoing of anything irritates the eyes. Think about an actress with high makeup or a Professor only conscious about her dress! Not being natty or fashionable may imply that you are ‘out of the society’ creature. Or, you are not interested in life. My word of caution will be, let the children not get involved in fashion too much. The media glaze, movie actresses are influencing the styles of very young girls, which hampers their studies or the passion they are supposed to nurture. Too much natty at very young age does not allow the child to learn the life’s lessons. They start spending money unnecessarily on the stuff they are going to throw out as soon as that fashion is gone out of the market. Let them be tidy about their dresses but not overdoing of the things. Once children grow up, join a profession and start to earn money, let them, then understand the fashion world. Being fashionable will boost their confidence and they will succeed in their professional career.

Be natty and carry yourself in a dignified way, wherever you go, whatever you do.






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