Uniform is beautiful, uniform is cliché-ridden. When there are opposite opinions there is always a clash between these two. In my life, I used to wear a uniform during my school days. but there were fun filled days without uniform in college. I enjoyed my schooldays as all of you might have. Getting up early, wear ironed uniform, tie up hair, pick up school bag, wear black shoes with white socks; ready for school! It was a daily routine. Come Saturday and there is an announcement for the winner who wears the neatest uniform throughout the week. This competition kept us alert about our uniforms as everybody wanted to be the winner. Come Tuesday, uniform changes to full white dress, time for yoga and meditation classes. Keeping a white dress all through the day, shining, was a real task. In this way, we somehow learnt the importance of wearing a neat dress and shoes, maintaining hygiene, how to iron the uniform and how to be disciplined about school routine. From childhood, the training we get helps us to mould our future. A habit grows and when you are in college you are disciplined enough to handle more responsibilities.

Graduated from school to taste the freedom of college life. No uniform!! Counted my coloured dresses. Planned which dress I wanted to wear in the previous night itself. No uniform taught me to feel more responsible. It whispered, ‘Be wise, Act wisely’. Coloured dresses and the wish of looking beautiful went hand in hand. Knew how I look beautiful! Life went on to shape me up what I am today. Enjoyed both statuses –with and without uniform—cliché ridden and beautiful.

What I want to say is both are important. Uniform is a word applied in every field—let it be, Mathematics, Science, shapes, or our nature. A crystal, a cube, a rectangle, a square gives you uniform pattern and shapes, they look beautiful. A uniform handwriting gives visual pleasure to the teacher, uniform grass lawn attracts you, a uniform pattern in a garden or uniform waves in the ocean. All are beautiful. We appreciate uniform building patterns on the road side, uniform civil code or uniform education policy and health policy. Think about uniformity, you smile!

That does not mean non-uniform patterns are not appreciable. Mountains, forests, clouds, weather throughout the world, sunlight, rain or many of the things in nature are non-uniform but those are the most beautiful. Can you think about uniform gender? NO. Non-uniformity of gender made the Earth the most beautiful place. Do you agree with me?

Enjoy uniformity amidst non-uniform nature. That’s LIFE.


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