I Miss You Like Hell

Distant are stars and the moon, distant are deserts and oceans, distant are arctic poles, and distant are forests and mountains. Do we regret being distant from nature’s all wonders? No.

But the ‘distant’ we worry about the most is relationships. Relation with near and dear relatives, brothers, sisters, friends, parents and your own loved one. How distance affects these relationships is a matter of concern for all.

Modern day lifestyle has seen parents detached from their children, children detached from all their relatives when they leave their native cities and move out for better career options.

The Younger generation is moving away from their loved ones, settling in a different country thousands of miles away. Are they really capable of shortening the distance lying between them and their loved ones? The answer, most of the cases, NO.

To keep distant relations alive one need to be communicative. Regular communication is the key to keep in touch with everyone who matters in your life. The hassles of a job, the regular chores to maintain a house and health, keeps everyone busy. One gets busy in developing new relations, new friends in a different city far off from hometown. Getting acquainted with the new place, its shopping areas, movie theatres, and hospitals take away lots of time. End of the day is marked with tiredness and little time for phone calls. Communicating through Facebook or WhatsApp also needs alert minds which sometimes the drained out body fails to give! In this way, gradually, one gets distant from his or her own people with whom he or she spent the entire childhood. Keeping the distant relation alive needs both side communication too. One who has moved away may be busy, but the people who are relatively less busy can call up or communicate through messages. If both sides fail to communicate, the relation dies a natural death. All relations move away except one that is parents. Mom and Dad cannot forget the child, so, somehow that evergreen bond of love exists, though like a thin thread. If this thin thread also tears off, the parents find themselves in an old age home. Bitter but true

The scariest thing about distance is you don’t know if they’ll miss you or forget about you.                                                                                        

  -Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook.

My life has seen many ups and downs of relations. In a lifetime, one experiences many kinds of relations, some stays, some drift apart and some dies. Whatever is the relation, a distant relationship of love is the most talked about issue. Two distant people in love need to communicate almost always. Otherwise, suspicion grows, the fight starts over small issues, disharmony, jealousy, disrespect and the bond breaks down forever. My advice for loving couples will be ‘stay together, don’t listen to any theory on distant relationships, but be together always’.

“Distance does not break off the friendship absolutely, but only the activity of it.” 







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